The Georgia News Lab is an award-winning investigative reporting collaborative. It is a partnership between some of the top college journalism programs in Georgia along with two of the leading news outlets in the Southeast, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and WSB-TV, Channel 2 Action News. The News Lab’s dual mission is making the vital work of investigative reporting affordable for news organizations and increasing diversity in professional newsrooms. In training a new generation of diverse investigative reporters the News Lab helps news outlets better serve the public and bring marginalized voices into the public debate.

The Georgia News Lab is strictly non-partisan.  We make every effort to ensure that projects meet the highest standards of fairness and accuracy.  To guide our practices, the News Lab embraces the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Transparency Policy

The Georgia News Lab is committed to operating in a fully open and transparent manner.  Although it is a partnership between several organizations, the News Lab operates under the auspices of Kennesaw State University, a tax-exempt entity under Section 115 of the Internal Revenue Code.  Donations to the News Lab are held by the Kennesaw State University Research and Service Foundation, a non-profit, tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  In addition to information contained in the KSU budget and KSURSF tax filings (IRS Form 990s), the News Lab will independently disclose information about its finances.

We will accept grants from private foundations and individuals.  In limited circumstances, we may accept grants from corporations or in-kind corporate contributions of data or equipment.  Funders will have no role in our editorial decisions.  We will not accept contributions from political organizations, advocacy groups or labor unions.  We will disclose all outside contributions of more than $5,000 on our website.


The News Lab has received funding from the following:








  • The Online News Association Challenge Fund, $35,000.  The Fund is administered by the Online News Association with support from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation, the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Democracy Fund, and the Rita Allen Foundation.
  • The Gannett Foundation, Media Grant, $5,000.

News Lab Personnel

  • David Armstrong, Executive Editor

Reporters 2020-21:

  • Emily Garcia (University of Georgia)
  • Isaiah Poritz (Emory University)

Reporters 2019-20:

  • Richard Chess (Emory University)
  • Imani Tina Dennis (Georgia State University)
  • Eric Fan (Emory University)
  • Luke Gardner (Kennesaw State University)
  • Madilyn Harrell (Mercer University)
  • Niraj Naik (Emory University)
  • Nicole Sadek (Emory University)
  • Mary Margaret Stewart (University of Georgia)
  • Ada Wood (Georgia State University)

Reporters 2018-19:

  • Jade Abdul-malik (Georgia State University)
  • Mauli Desai (University of Georgia)
  • Sabrina Kerns (Kennesaw State University)
  • Kaley Lefevre (University of Georgia)
  • Justine Lookenott (Kennesaw State University)
  • Erin Schilling (University of Georgia)
  • Ashley Soriano (University of Georgia)
  • Bianca Theodore (Georgia State University)
  • Erin Valle (University of Georgia)
  • Anila Yoganathan (University of Georgia)

Reporters 2017-18:

  • Ryan Basden (Kennesaw State University)
  • Avery Braxton (Mercer University)
  • Jenna Eason (Mercer University)
  • Hannah Greco (Georgia State University)
  • Nate Harris (University of Georgia)
  • Victoria Knight (University of Georgia, graduate student)
  • Christina Maxouris (Georgia State University)
  • Michael Mays (Georgia State University)
  • Naomi Thomas (University of Georgia, graduate student)
  • Dominique Times (Georgia State University)
  • Harrison Young (University of Georgia)

Reporters 2016-17:

  • Breana Albizu (Georgia State University)
  • Gladys Bautista (Georgia State University)
  • Lindsey Conway (Georgia State University)
  • Jacob Durst (Emory University)
  • Cole Gibson (University of Georgia)
  • Ashley Graham (Emory University)
  • Sekeitha Hines (Georgia State University, graduate student)
  • Anastaciah Ondieki (Kennesaw State University)
  • Abe Park (University of Georgia, graduate student)
  • Destiny Robinson (Georgia State University)
  • Maureen Sheeran (University of Georgia)
  • Ugo Unigwe (Morehouse College)
  • Nick Wooten (Mercer University)

Reporters 2015-16:

  • Isaiah Avent, (Morehouse College)
  • Adhiti Bandlamundi (University of Georgia)
  • Lauren Booker (Georgia State University)
  • Gabe Cavallaro (University of Georgia)
  • Adjoa Danso (Georgia State University, graduate student)
  • Allie Dean (University of Georgia)
  • Jerrel Floyd (Morehouse College)
  • Ciara Frisbie (Georgia State University)
  • Becca Godwin (Georgia State University, graduate student)
  • Miranda Hawkins (Georgia State University)
  • Izzi Hughes (Emory University)
  • Leighton Rowell (University of Georgia)

Graduate Teaching Assistants 2015-16:

  • Anet Frasto
  • Erin Gloster
  • Becca Godwin
  • Morgan Spann

Reporters 2014-15:

  • Harmeet Kaur Bhagrath (Emory University)
  • Anne Carlson (University of Georgia)
  • Taylor Carpenter (University of Georgia)
  • Adam Chaves (Georgia State University)
  • Stephen Michael Fowler (Emory University)
  • Ciara Frisbie (Georgia State University)
  • Jane Hammond (Heeter) (Mercer University)
  • Leah Jordan (Georgia State University)
  • Artrell Knight (Clark Atlanta University)
  • Alex Kugaczewski (Georgia State University)
  • Jared Loggins (Morehouse College)
  • Jillian Wade (Clark Atlanta University)